Fast forward to a carbon-free energy future, 24/7

The science is clear and the time for interim solutions has passed — the urgency of climate change demands bolder action. Decarbonizing electricity is critical to our collective efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Rather than simply offsetting emissions, we need to work together to focus on eliminating carbon from the electricity sector entirely.

Join the movement for 24/7 carbon-free energy

Achieving around-the-clock carbon-free energy is essential and possible, but it is not inevitable without collective action.

We are a global group of companies, policymakers, investors, and organizations on a mission to realize a 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy future for all. This means that every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources. Through the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) Compact, we will work together to develop and scale technologies, energy policies, procurement practices, and solutions to transform the broader energy system and enable rapid and cost-effective carbon-free energy — every hour, every day, everywhere.

By joining this collective effort, you will help to accelerate the transformation of electric grids globally and create a future where all electricity consumption worldwide is served by carbon-free energy sources.

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Shape our clean energy future

Due to the remarkable progress being made in carbon-free energy generation and enabling technologies, the transition to a fully decarbonized electricity sector is undoubtedly possible. But it will take a concerted collective effort to make it happen.

Full electricity decarbonization will require a coordinated effort to develop and scale the energy policies, technologies, procurement practices, and solutions to transform the broader energy system to enable rapid and cost-effective achievement of 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy for all. Joining the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact means your organisation will become part of a global community actively engaged in accelerating the technologies, policies, tools, ideas, and advocacy that will collectively realize this mission.

The world is at a crossroads. We can either continue with business as usual or embrace change that leads to a more sustainable and equitable future. The 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact represents a critical partnership across business, countries, cities and others that will propel us closer to our 2030 Global Energy Goals.


Damilola Ogunbiyi

SEforALL CEO & Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General

How can my organization advance 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy?

There are many ways that organizations across the energy ecosystem can contribute to advancing 24/7 CFE. Some potential commitments are discussed in the 24/7 CFE Compact including:

  • Clean Energy Buyers can move beyond a 100% renewable energy annual matching goal and adopt over time a 24/7 CFE procurement approaches that leads to additional clean electricity generation to match their hourly electricity demand on local/regional electricity grids where their consumption occurs, in line with the 24/7 CFE principles. .
  • Energy Suppliers and Solutions Providers can commit to provide offerings that enable increasing access to 24/7 CFE, including by developing contractual arrangements, market products, and other innovations that enable the delivery of 24/7 CFE.
  • Governments, Companies, and Solutions Providers can commit to supporting the advancement of CFE technology to decarbonize electricity grids, including by supporting demand optimization technologies, next-generation CFE, grid infrastructure, and software solutions.
  • All stakeholders can support widespread access to the energy data required to enable consumers to set and measure 24/7 CFE goals, support the optimization of CFE technologies to demand, and maximize the decarbonization impact of consumer actions.
  • Everyone can publicly advocate and support energy policies that accelerate the decarbonization of electricity grids worldwide. This can include policies that help develop, commercialize, and deploy CFE generation and demand optimization technologies, expand and interconnect electricity grids to integrate CFE, expand and enhance electricity markets, and provide direct access to purchases of CFE, among others.

Carbon-free energy works for all

Advancing technologies, accelerating procurement, and transforming policy will help us decarbonize electric grids worldwide, which will benefit communities and economies across the world. Crucially, 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy will drastically reduce pollution and improve economic and health outcomes for those most impacted by the sources and effects of climate change.

24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact works to advance technology and drive policy reform

Electric grids worldwide are decarbonized

Economies are powered by 24/7 carbon-free energy -- every hour, every day, everywhere

Improved economic and health outcomes for all

The 24/7 carbon-free energy community in action

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between carbon neutral, 100% renewable energy, and 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy?

Carbon Neutral - Organizations offset their emissions by purchasing carbon offsets intended to reduce or prevent future global emissions.

100% Renewable Energy - Organizations purchase enough renewable energy to match their annual electricity use.

24/7 Carbon-Free Energy - Rather than emitting and compensating, organizations don’t emit in the first place. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources in every hour, on every grid where electricity is consumed. It means carbon-free energy for all.

What does carbon-free energy include?

Carbon-free energy refers to all energy that is sourced from zero-carbon electricity sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, hydro, and other carbon-free energy sources.

What are the methodologies used for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy?

24/7 Carbon-Free energy is based on the following principles:

  • Time-matched procurement: 24/7 CFE focuses on matching each hour of electricity consumption with carbon-free electricity generation. Hourly matching helps connect clean energy purchasing to underlying electricity consumption.
  • Local procurement: 24/7 CFE means purchasing clean energy on the local/regional electricity grids where electricity consumption occurs. This is the only way to drive the electricity-related emissions that a consumer is directly responsible for to zero.
  • Technology-inclusive: 24/7 CFE recognizes the need to create zero-carbon electricity systems as quickly as possible, and that all carbon-free energy technologies can play a role in creating this future.
  • Enable New Generation: 24/7 CFE focuses on enabling new clean electricity generation in order to support the rapid decarbonization of electricity systems.
  • Maximize System Impact: 24/7 CFE focuses attention on maximizing emissions reductions and solving for the dirtiest hours of electricity consumption.

What carbon-free energy technologies and resources exist already?

Some of the carbon-free resources that can be used to eliminate emissions today are renewable resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and sustainable hydroelectric or biomass energy, as well as non-renewable carbon-free resources such as nuclear power. The clean energy community is also working to advance other carbon-free technologies including energy storage systems, green hydrogen, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture and sequestration, which can all help in the fight against climate change.

What's the difference between carbon-free and net-zero?

Carbon-free is an approach that avoids emitting carbon in the first place, rather than emitting and compensating by carbon offsetting (for example by planting trees), as is often the case in net-zero strategies.

Who is behind the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact?

We are a global group of companies, policymakers, investors, and organizations on a mission to realize a 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy future for all. We are working together to develop and scale energy policies, technologies, procurement practices, and solutions to transform the broader energy system and enable rapid and cost-effective decarbonization — every hour, every day, everywhere. The movement is coordinated by Sustainable Energy for All, the United Nations, and a growing list of signatories from companies, organizations, and governments around the world.

When was the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact launched?

The 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy compact was launched during the High-Level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021 with an initial list of founding signatories committed to working toward a carbon-free future for all.

What are UN energy compacts?

Energy Compacts are voluntary commitments from Member States and all other stakeholders, such as companies, regional/local governments, NGOs, and others, with the specific actions they will take to advance progress on SDG7 and net-zero emissions, designed to be fully in line with SDG Acceleration Actions and Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Climate Agreement. UN-Energy will support the development, mobilization, and monitoring of Energy Compacts throughout the entire cycle.

What is the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact?

The 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact is an ambitious global effort to accelerate the decarbonization of the world’s electricity systems to mitigate climate change and ensure access to clean and affordable electricity for all, in line with SDG7. In response to the urgent need to drive rapid decarbonization across the global economy, a group of energy buyers, energy suppliers, governments, system operators, solutions providers, investors, and other organizations has joined together to accelerate the decarbonization of electricity grids by adopting, enabling, and advancing 24/7 Carbon-free Energy (CFE). 24/7 Carbon-free Energy means that every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources, every hour of every day, everywhere. It is both the end-state of a fully decarbonized electricity system and a transformative approach to energy procurement, supply, and policy design that is critical to accelerating its arrival.

How can I learn more about the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact?

UN-Energy organized a series of workshops for all stakeholders, including governments, business, energy suppliers, solution providers and organizations to provide an overview of the growing movement for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) and how 24/7 CFE can accelerate electricity grid decarbonization and its relevance to net-zero goals. The workshops provided information for interested stakeholders across the energy ecosystem to join this movement and commit to the 24/7 CFE Compact. You can watch the recording of the workshop for governments and the one for business on this link. The presentations are also available on the same link. Watch the workshop recording.

Where can I read the full 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact?

You can read the full 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact on the UN website.